Elemotho [NAMIBIA]

Mit 13.7.2011 - 21:00
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The new Sound of the Kalahari. (European Tour, June-July 2011)
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Innovative and amazing music, so that you can taste:

“The rhythms of the Kalahari, Melodies of Meditation,
The Freedom of Jazz, the Winds of Siberia and African Beats …
All combined with messages of a new age …” 

  • Elemotho Gaalelekwe Richardo Mosimane - Vocals, Guitar
  • Samuel Brudey Batola - Lead Guitar
  • Ermelinda Thataone - Backing Vocals, Shakers
  • Polina Loubnina - Flute

Elemotho ist Namibias Musiker Nummer eins. Sänger/Songwriter/Gitarrist. ...
Tanzen und Zuhören, Lachen und Weinen – Elemotho macht Musik, die Herz und Seele berührt! Mit einer Mischung aus Jazz-Blues, Afro Pop, Reggae und einer exotischen Live-Performance macht der Musiker, Komponist und Gründer der Band, Elemotho Gaalelekwe Richardo Mosimane, jedes Konzert zu einem besonderen Ereignis. Vom ländlich geprägten Jungen aus der Kalahari-Wüste entwickelte er sich zum modernen Lyriker und versucht sich durch neue Ideen von den üblichen kommerziellen Platten abzuheben. Das Ziel des modernen Lyrikers und Gründers der Band ist es, die Utopie einer perfekten Gesellschaft schaffen. Erleben Sie die Gelassenheit der Wüste und die Weite des blauen afrikanischen Himmels!
Elemotho gab bereits zahlreiche Konzerte in Afrika und Europa, u.a. auf der Expo 2000 in Hannover, dem Live Africa Festival in Windhoek/Namibia 2008, Wien, Spanien und Norwegen, und startet im Sommer 2011 aus Windhoek/Namibia kommend eine Tournee nach Europa.

Elemotho is a Namibian artist who composes, records and performs his own music. He plays acoustic guitar as well as sings in his mother-tongue Setswana, English and other Namibian languages. This artist does not classify his music under a certain style: “I see myself as a performing artist and musical activist; I like to throw reality around, thus exploring the depth of the human spirit”. His sound is solid yet transparent, with messages that create a utopia through music. His music has been described by the local Namibian media as the sound of the future making waves today, being able to charm the audiences with local flavoured remixes of jazz-blues, reggae, afro-pop and African rhythms while delivering performances of fire and passion.

Elemotho is considered one of the top acts in Namibia carrying his new cd “Human” along. These are some of the quotes from Namibian news journals: 
“This talented singer staged a true night of fire, passion and ecstasy”….. (By Conrad Angula, The Namibian, June 2009) 

“The artist charmed his audience with a locally flavoured remix of jazz blues, reggae with an Afro pop beat and African flavoured rhythms. He delivered an exotic live performance that did not leave his fans disappointed” (By Therersia Tjihenuna, The Namibian Sun, April 09) 

“Elemotho Wows fans with his Blend. The message in the music aside, the infectiousness of the beat is inescapable. It has an addictive effect. Once you listen to it you keep asking for more, and keep on coming back turning Elemotho into a favourite musical hunting trophy” (By Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro, November 2008) 

“Elemotho's music can best be described as the music of the future making waves today. His music is a fusion of almost every African beat: Jabu Kanyile (South Africa); Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe); Salif Keita (Senegal); Eric Wainaina (Kenya); Koffi Olomide (DRC) and Fela Anikulapo Kuti (Nigeria). His music is mature, long lasting and can appeal to any one any where any time because of its hybridity and themes.”… (By Wonder Guchu, Informante June 09) 

Ich habe die CD gehört und kann diese Gruppe nur jedem an's Herz legen (DJ Zipflo)
Als Elemotho 2003 sein Debütalbum herausbrachte, herrschte in Windhoek Aufbruchstimmung. Der junge Tswana war ein Musiker der neuen Generation Namibias. Er machte eigene Musik, er kopierte nicht die Kwaito-Sounds aus den südafrikanischen Townships wie viele andere, traditionell war sie aber auch nicht, seine Musik. Weltmusik eher, originell war sie, mit spirituellen und auch witzigen Texten, und vor allem: neu für Namibia.

,,The System is a Joke" war ein sofortiger Erfolg. Wenige Wochen nach Erscheinen war das damals vom FNCC finanzierte Album (Stückzahl 1000) vergriffen. Elemotho war ein lokaler Held. Und dann: dieses irgendwie typisch namibische Phänomen - Es gab kein Geld, um weitere Exemplare des Albums nachdrucken zu lassen. Zwei Jahre Durststrecke.

Zwischenzeitlich verbrachte Elemotho Zeit in Norwegen. Im Rahmen eines Austauschprojektes mit der Kunstschule Elverum lehrte er traditionelle afrikanische Musik. Seit einigen Monaten ist er zurück in Windhoek.

The system is a joke

ElemothoGaalelekwe Richardo Mosimane is a Namibian born musician who, composes, records and plays his own music. Elemotho plays accoustic guitar as well as sings in both his mother-tongue Setswana and other Namibian languages. He does not classify his music under a certain style: “I hope my music tells a story on its own” says this composer/instrumentalist/ vocalist. He also plays with a seven piece band of which there is a bass and electric guitar, mbira (African thumb piano), flute, drumkit and African percussions although sometimes other instruments are also used. 

Every artist has something to say…what does Elemotho have to say? “Music is many things for many people. Music was always there when there was nothing, so I write songs that may say a lot or say little but they are always about the times we live in. Story telling around the fire is what I grew up with, and when I realized I was tired of performing other people´songs, I wanted to make songs that could make you listen as well as move, find humour but also bitterness” because according to this artist that is what the human condition is all about. 


While studying African philosophy and psychology at university,this artist from the Kalahari has moved from doing cover versions in the period of a year to lead vocals and performing his own songs. He has performed extensively Namibia and also around the World. In 1999 won two Music Makers prizes with his former band “Tcoqma”. After the band members moved on into different ways he decided to focus on his own musical career. With support of the Franco Namibian Cultural Center (FNCC), Elemotho recorded his solo album “The system is a joke”. A mixture between social commentary, a celebration of local Namibian and African reality and a certain degree of spirituality. 

When you listen to Elemotho´s solo album “The system is a joke” you get an impression that you are listening to a musician who has a lot to say with songs like,Uhuru(Freedom)-The taste.. He carries his music with touch of rhythms from the Kalahari desert, mixed with ethnic and global sounds ,the calling of the rain combined with messages for our modern times. After his first album Elemotho has preformed in different Namibian and International music festivals getting his music more solid and tighter as ever.. This musician has had the time to explore new sensations, new odors, new colors, new feelings, new experiences, and combining all these element