Ghost Trains [UK]

Fre 15.7.2011 - 21:00
Singer-Songwriter / Acoustic Indie
'Beautiful, delicate...breathtaking' - Acoustic Magazine
'Astonishing songs' – BBC Music
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  • Tim Ellis: Vocals, Guitar
  • Elijah Wolfenheart: Lead Guitar, Harmony Vocals
  • Greg Wood: Percussion



After just 18 months together UK acoustic group Ghost Trains have released two full length albums, toured both the US and Europe, supported major names all over the UK and have garnered the attention of the national and international music press.

With a sound perhaps best described as a blend of melancholy folk and classic 60’s pop, 10,000 downloads of their 2010 debut album Where Lovers Die earned the group a cult status amongst music lovers across the world. A status that was built on even further with their follow-up LP in 2011, 'Sniffing Round L.A.'

Following their sold out headline tour in Europe and Russia in April 2011, the band have signed with renowned agency Henifran Europe (home to legends such as James Taylor & Jackson Browne) and are currently in discussions relating to numerous tours acoss Europe over the next 12 months.


'Beautiful, delicate...breathtaking' - Acoustic Magazine

'Astonishing songs' – BBC Music

'Mesmeric' - LA Weekly

'Dark & Beautiful' - Russia Today

'Miss Emily - best acoustic track of all time' – Andy Hughes, Acoustic Magazine


Have a look at their website, - their first two albums are also available to download for free from there!