3. Lange Nächte der Menschenrechte - BOXER JOHN

Fre 13.12.2013 - 22:40
Doors / Einlaß 19:00
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Der britische Sänger und Songwriter, geboren in Bournemouth, begann seine Laufbahn im Alter von 17 Jahren, als er seine ersten Songs schrieb. Der Gitarrist spielte regelmäßig in Pubs und Clubs in ganz England und finanzierte so sein Literaturstudium. Momentan lebt er in Wien und ist im Kreis der Sing- und Songwriter ein fixer Bestandteil der Szene geworden.
Seine Songs bezeichnet Boxer John selbst als eine Mischung aus britischem Modern Folk und 60er - Jahre-Folk.
Den melancholisch anklingenden Melodien verleiht er mit seiner ausdrucksstarken Stimme den entsprechenden Tiefgang. Seine Texte handeln vom Leben und der Suche nach Sinn und Wahrheit.

With Reference To Name
Boxer  = The fighter.
John  = "The Divine" ; the mad prophet, poet and revelator.

A Bit of Background
Boxer John was born in England. At the age of seventeen, he taught himself to play the guitar, write songs and sing, and after only six months, found himself playing his own songs in front of a one hundred and fifty-strong crowd in a local night-club.

He left England at the age of nineteen to live in a chain of European countries, working a host of different jobs to scratch a living between songwriting and gigging.

Some of the highlights of his concert history include Austria's "Nova Rock" and "Frequency" festivals in 2010, after he was voted into the top-ten artists from hundreds of acts online.

He is currently a resident of Vienna.

On Songwriting
"Songwriting has played such a critical role in my personal development so I have always maintained an allegiance to the following two key principles: authenticity and experience.

In order to write songs about life, you must live your life. Songwriting is often an unshakable imperative; the words and the melodies flow from you because they have no where else to go. You write because you must, not simply because you can".

Musical Approach
"Every song starts out life as a folk song of sorts; often it remains in it's minimalistic form and is conveyed to the listener using the basic tools of my trade: guitar, voice and mouth-organ.

Sometimes it mutates into something unrecognisable from it's humble acoustic origins and other instruments are added bringing new form and colour to that which already exists.

There are no limitations to what a song can become once it has been written.If the heart, soul and integrity of the song is kept intact, the end result will be good no matter what it is".

Boxer John aka Marcos Leiro [ENG] – voc, g, harp