GYPSY JAZZ NIGHT – Tomi Kettunen and Don Kong & The Gypsy Bong

Fre 17.10.2014 - 21:00
Konzert des Monats
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gypsy jazz ...

Gypsy Jazz Night presents a night of improvisation and rhythm in the style of 1930's gypsy jazz scene in Paris. Special guests are expected to complete the bouncing night!

The music is a mix of our own songs and gypsy jazz, and is a combination of two separate projects.

Tomi Kettunen – g
Ilari Heinäaho – g
Tadeas Priklopil – g
Don Kong – voc, harmonica
+ special guests

Tomi Kettunen:
One of the leading gypsy jazz guitarists in Finland, plays for example in Gypsy Unity (with Olli Soikkeli, Teemu Akerblom), Django Collective (with Aki Hauru, Kimmo Iltanen, Laura Airola) and many others including our current project. Here is a musical sample

Ilari Heinäaho, Don Kong and myself are part of Kallion Karavaani ( and Don Kong & The Gypsy Bong (includes Tomi Kettunen):

Our repertoire in Vienna will be a mix of the two projects above. Special guests may include local gypsy jazz bands/musicians.