Saïd Tichiti von Chalaban [MAROCCO] & Friends

Fre 16.1.2015 - 21:00
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Saïd Tichiti von Chalaban [MAROCCO] & Friends
gnawa music aus marokko

Born from a south maroccan Berber mother and a black African father, Saïd Tichiti, has been living in Hungary for almost 15 years where he has founded a band, Chalaban, with local musicians, mixing instruments and influences of central Europe and Afro-Arabic world. In Arabic, Hungarian, English, French, he works with gypsies, armenian and jewish musicians in order to open the Moroccan native music to new horizons.

Chalaban took part in the main World Music events in Eastern and Central Europe, in Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia and Romania: Sziget Festival in Budapest, Cross Culture Festival in Warsaw, Exit Festival in Novi Sad, and the Jewish Summer Festival in Budapest.

The last musical project initiated by Said is the Tariqa band and the album “ Gnaoua with Carpathia touch”. Tariqa’s ecstatic momentum is firmly based on gnawa drumming and guembri bass lines spiced by rippling carpathian cimbalom, violins and flute. Top this all with Saharian desert blues vocals and horn parts full of urgent urban American howling and Klezmerscreams.

Tariqa’s new CD is a musical breakthrough Bartok, Coltrane and the late Ali FarkaToure would all likely relate to.” 
      Darrell Jónsson - Prague Post

Saïd Tichiti was invited to participate in concerts and album records of many Hungarian and international bands in different styles: Ethno music, jazz, alternativ and rock music: Djabé, Korai Öröm, Europa Kiadó, Azalai - Afro-european music project,... etc.

Saïd Tichiti was born in south Morocco. After the secondary school, he moved to Rabat where He is graduated from ISADAC ( Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique et d’Animation Culturelle), and got a DESS (Diplome des Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées ) in International Cultural Management in the University of Bourgogne - Dijon- France.

Saïd speaks fluently Arabic, French, English. Since 1998 he is based in Hungary where he learned the language and obtained the Hungarian citizenship in 2007. As lyric writer, Said sings about universal values and writes about equality, love and human rights. He takes part in the main cultural events in favor of common living between different ethnic minorities and religions in Hungary.

Saïd Tichiti – voc, gembri, oud, perc
Ready Jabourjabopra – perc

Mehr:; youtube (Saïd Tichiti)

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