Marcus Jay Cooper

Don 22.10.2015 - 21:05
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More, More, More
Romance meets cockiness

Rock Songwriter

Mit dreckig-rockigem Gitarrensound meldet sich der ehemalige „Trippin in London“-Frontman Marcus alias Jay Cooper zurück. „More, More, More“ nennt sich seine erste Single, die am 8.9.2015 auf Youtube veröffentlicht wurde.

Einige Zeit ist vergangen, seitdem das Salzburger Indie-Rock-Trio Trippin in London für frischen Sound auf heimischen Bühnen sorgte. In der Zwischenzeit brachte Frontman Jay Cooper einige Zeit in London zu und studierte dort Musik.

Die neuen Einflüsse bringt der Singer-Songwriter nun in seinem Soloprojekt unter dem Namen Jay Cooper unter die Leute. Der neue Sound klingt erdiger, rockiger und ehrlicher: „More, More, More“ nennt sich passenderweise die Single.

Jay Cooper is chic rock’n’roll personified and an artist at heart. His music may be classified as alternative, pop or surf and is characterized by poetic lyrics, loud and dense, yet melodic sound, the overall experience always cocky, yet romantic.

An artist at heart and a James Dean in looks, Marcus writes his own songs, plays most of the instruments himself and is also in charge of his songs’ production.
London, where he moved to when he left his Austrian home town Salzburg at the age of 17, has given his music its speed, while his time spent studying and surfing in Sydney has lend a sense of calm and freedom to his sound. Sometimes shy and even whimsical, at other times playful and positively cocky, there is this common thread of a silver lining in every song, the feeling that everything is sublime, just the way it is.

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