Vienna Folk Marathon #4

Die 29.12.2015 - 18:00
Einlaß 17:45 Eckeingang - bis ca. 20:00 nur KELLERBETRIEB!
Wintergarten, Felsenkeller und 3rd Floor
freie Spende

Ein folkiger Stilmix quer durch Europa

Konzerte / Sessions / Workshops
Di 29.12.2015 – Sa 2.1.2016


You should definitely come to Vienna! :-)

Around New Year, a large bunch of folk musicians and dancers from all over Europe will meet and participate in this wonderful yearly meeting / party – almost a ritual: It's Folk Marathon time once again, people!

5 crazy and wonderful days: Jam, dance, meet friends, exchange, listen, try out new instruments and dancing steps, learn cracking tunes, fall in love with people and with Vienna, be crazy and delighted and party hard!

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Here's some serious info:
After Prague 2013/14 and Copenhagen 2014/15, the big pan-European folkie meeting is returning to Austria. From the welcoming night on Dec 29 until the last evening on Jan 2, there