Isaac Thompson [USA]

Fre 20.5.2016 - 21:15
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Singer/Songwriter – Folk Rock Soul

I was born in Hawaii into a Hippie missionary group. We were always on the move so figuring out where I’m from, is tricky. Making music was an important part of our daily lives, but personal creativity wasn’t really encouraged. I always had my secret songs though. Being that I’m quite shy, I never had much interest in playing them for anyone. My main passion was computers. And after leaving the group, I ended up getting my dream job of game developer and left my music behind. Something was missing though. I felt what I made, had little value to anyone. After moving to Austria and a difficult brake up, I started writing songs again. Occasionally I’d play them to my friends. They always seemed to leave a lasting impression. I ended up playing keyboard in a band, wanted to make music without the pressure of being the front man. After some disappointments, I started to play open mic nights alone. Meeting other singer songwriters, we put together a few group shows. But getting on stage was always a painful experience for me. My sister suggested that I join Youtube and make a few home videos. That was more my style, I could sing from the safety of home. As a birthday gift, she made me an animated music video to one of my songs. By some miracle, our video ended up on th