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Singer/Songwriter & Entertainer

JT Gautreau is an pop singer-songwriter hailing from the caribbean city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic deeply rooted in the rich melodic sounds of English and American pop scene.
Having lived in cities like Santo Domingo, Madrid, Barcelona and Warsaw, JT currently resides is Vienna, Austria where he has been gathering the recognition and respect from the Viennese singer-songwriter music scene from day one. JT’s debut album, Hay Veces, a compilation with all songs in Spanish gathers the essence of his energetic and melodic sound, followed up by Crossing, his first album in English continues to expand JT’s wide range of musical palette inside the Singer-Songwriter’s genre.

JT Gautreau was born in the caribbean city of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic on December 18 1981. Coming from a family of musicians and poets, took guitar at age 12 and singing at age 16 starting an obsession with music that lead him to interesting places all over the world including Barcelona Spain where he got a degree in Music Production and Audio Engineering school in 2009.

Back in Santo Domingo he recorded his debut E.P., Hay Veces in 2012, an album with all songs in spanish aimed to the latin markets. Played in some of the most renowned stages in Dominican Republic, like Casa de Teatro, Camden Parlour and Hard Rock Cafe.

In 2013 JT relocated back to Europe, this time to Vienna, Austria and recorded his debut E.P. in english titled Crossing, a compound of 7 songs all written and recorded by JT. His songwriting ranges from acoustic soul to pop rock and RnB. With a unique performing style, he is a solo act who relies on an acoustic guitar and sometimes a loop pedal to entertain all types of audiences. There’s one word that describes JT’s life shows: ENTERTAINING.

JT started a promotion tour from Crossing playing cities such as Warsaw, Krakow and Łódż in Poland, London in the U.K., and Vienna. More dates and cities are being constantly added to the growing promo tour for Crossing, so keep an eye out on the News section for more info. www.jtgautreau.com

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Mehr: www.jtgautreau.com, www.facebook.com/jtgautreau