DUO Aritmija

Mit 2.11.2016 - 21:10
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World Music Balcan Mix
flamenco, rock, jazz …

mixed with various influences (flamenco, rock, jazz). Aritmija was formed in 2002 and since then they released 3 CDs and played more than 500 concerts in Slovenia and abroad. Both guitarists are also professional guitar teachers. Their last CD called »Street« was recorded live on the streets of Ljubljana in 2011.

Tilen Stepišnik – nylon-string acoustic guitar
Šemsudin Dino Džopa – steel-string acoustic guitar

Duo Aritmija is a follow-up to the group Aritmija, which has already released two records under the record company Celinka: “Gonilna sila” (2007, Driving force) and “Aritmija Live” (2010). Aritmija first started out as a duo, founded by guitarists Tilen Stepišnik and Šemsudin Džopa – Dino in 2002, but was soon reinforced, first with percussion and later with bass guitar and violin. The group thus recorded its first CD as a five-member and the second one as a six-member band. In 2011, the guitar duo again based their music solely on two guitars. After seven years, they have once again found the energy, breadth and compactness that they create on their own, built on their twelve-year close music collaboration. The result is a newly issued, the third record, entitled "Ulica," which was recorded in summer 2011 on the streets of Ljubljana. Since 2012 the duo performed at festival such as TFF Rudolstadt (GER), Fimu (FR), Uhuru (CH), Madam Guitar (IT) etc. In addition to Aritmija, the duo also makes up the instrumental and composing core of the band Sedef, with which they have also released two CDs.