Terrafolk Violin DUO

Mit 2.11.2016 - 21:05
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Musikbeitrag: freie Spende!


Bojan and Barja are members of international "Symbolic Orchestra" and slovenian based band "Terrafolk" (BBC world music award). Bojan was also a violinist-soloist at the Cirque du Soleil show 'Varekai'. They are classically trained violinists, that perform various music with various instruments. Some of music is originally composed, some arranged, some just performed with 'no adds'. Some program is made to be performed in intimate places, some for street performances. They are both leading mentors of Special Courses for bowed string instruments at http://Godalkanje.org, where young players are discovering diversity of violin sounds of European folk music geographically from south to north, in timeline from Baroque to disco strings and cultural from Indian music to Jazz. Their music is searching for the points that different music worlds have in common. With respect to all kind of music worlds musicians sometimes use elements that are traditionally not present in certain styles. It is hard to identify with only one music scene in this world full of good things, but we can still take time and experience nice unpredictable moments with live music.

Bojan Cvetrežnik & Barja Drnovšek (Slovenia) – violin, double bass, ukulele, irish bouzouki

Mehr: www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1YTwfH4UmpxgKkK7L5AiQ, http://godalkanje.org/napovednik/courses