You want to perform at Café Concerto?

You're welcome to do so - please read on!

Which genres?

A lot is possible: Jazz, Rock, World Music, Singer Songwriters, Folk, Indie, Reggae/Ska etc. 

  • What's not possible:
    • Very loud rock music / metal is not possible due to neighbor complaints.
    • Purely commercial / bland mainstream appearances - just not our cup of tea.

Further questions? Please get in touch with us, will you? ;-)

What sorts of gigs?

It depends on how long you want to play, how much programme you have, how large the variety of your music is and how many fans you are able to mobilize. Let's talk about it! ;-)
Possibilities are:

  • Full evening gig (2 or 3 Sets, appx. 21:15 - 00:00)
  • A part of the evening (shared evening, for instance 2 or 3 acts with 60 or 40 minutes each).
  • Specially regarding jazz: the possibility to make the opening set at one of our weekly sessions (Tuesdays).
  • We're also open for newcomers, as long as you can play a full set of 40 minutes, are well rehearsed and can ideally mobilize 20-30 fans / friends. If it's acoustic music / folk / singer-songwriter you're playing, please consider playing at one of our open stages (bi-weekly) first!
What do I get paid?
  • You can decide, whether wou want to play...
    • for door money (split 80% for you/20% for us), or
    • for donations
  • Normally donations work better, unless you bring a large crowd of fans (there are too many free gigs around, so people often don't want to pay for a band they don't know).
  • Free drinks for you musicians are of course included!
Sound system
  • We have a full PA system with...
    • 20 channel analog mixer (Allen & Heath)
    • 4 stage monitors
    • a couple of mikes on stands
    • 3 DIs
    • all XLR cables.
  • There's an upright piano on the stage.
  • We also have a drum kit you may use.
Get in contact

To find out about possibilities for a concert, please get in touch with us.

We're normally booked out 2 months in advance (weekends earlier than Tue to Thu) - but it's never a bad idea to ask, and there's the odd cancellation now and then...