For whom?

Our sessions are in principle open for everyone.

There do exist informal rules  ("session etiquette") depending on genre: generally, be polite and first ask, then play. Just talk with the musicians, they will give you helpful hints!

At the jazz sessions the first set is just for the fixed line up of the opener band. Afterwards, everyone is welcome on stage.


The jazz sessions are on our main stage downstairs.  Folk / world music mostly upstairs in the "Wintergarten" cafe or in the "3rd Floor" (downstairs immediately after the staircase the door to the left).

Start a session yourself?
  • If you want to play a spontaneous sessions, please give us a call: if the "3rd floor" is not booked you can use it on short term (appx. 9PM till 1AM)
  • If you want to start a regular (monthly) session, this could also be possible. In this case, please get in touch with us to discuss possibilities!
Session opener at the jazz session

You're part of a group playing jazz? Maybe you want to open one of our Tuesday sessions!
Please contact us or come along on a Tuesday evening and talk to us!